F.C.S.A provides a full range of security services across all market segments. Our security personnel provide a visible security presence, demonstrating a broad range of skills from general guarding to highly specialized security roles.

F.C.S.A can provide a recruitment pathway through our training programmes. 

“The South African private security sector is governed by the Private Security Regulation Act, which states that all guarding, security officers must be registered before they may be employed”. F.C.S.A can provide the necessary training to meet qualifying requirements for security officers.


  • Consulting                              
  • V.I.P Protection
  • Guarding    
  • Risk Management                           
  • Venue/ Events security       
  • Asset Protection                    
  • Asset Management  
  • Chauffeuring                          
  • Tourist Protection 
  • Static Protection
  • Escorts
  • Medical Standby Services    
  • Drawing Emergency Plans
  • CCTV & Monitoring               
  • Surveillance & Counter-Surveillance
  • Investigations
  • GUN FUN- (Shooting various weapons for fun)

TRAINING ( Prices only on request)

  • Skills Programme 1-5 (Security Grades) 
  • Close Protection Training                                       
  • Urban & Rural Survival Training  
  • Tactical Firearms Training (Handgun, Shotgun & Rifle/ Carbine)
  • Competency Training (Basic & Advance)                     
  • Tactical Awareness ( Anti- Hijacking & Hostage Survival)
  • Soft Skills  ( First Aid level 1-3. Firefighting, Occupational Health & Safety etc..)
  • Peace Officer Training
  • Defensive & Offensive Driving                                                            
  • PSD ( Sniper & Counter Sniper Training )
  • Self Defence
  • National Keypoint
  • Cash in Transit