At Firmstone Consulting & Security Academy – one of the best training facilities in the Western Cape – our security officers receive ongoing training to give them the edge.

Our objectives are:

  • To introduce candidates to the security environment.
  • Achieve a level of discipline and sense of loyalty towards his employer and the client.
  • To provide professional security officers with knowledge and skills.
  • To set a high standard of performance for ourselves to achieve service objectives. The courses offered include Grade A-E, Armed Reaction, medical, Occupational Health and Safety, Computer training,  VIP Protection / Chauffeuring and all training pertaining to firearms.

The training courses provided are designed to equip the learner with the necessary skills to perform as a qualified professional in the security industry. Our training philosophy is one of practicality. All lectures and lessons teach realistic, practical methods that have been proven in the industry.

Firmstone Consulting & Security Academy is committed to providing the very best training, and facilities possible, allowing the student to fully develop his/her skills. We are dedicated to the protection of our V.I.P`s and our clients, both locally and internationally.

Our strict policy of recommending only graduates of our courses maintains our reputation as leaders in the field.

Our training centre is fully accredited with SASSETA and registered with PSIRA.